Team Work!

Paula Heaven-Swaby


Paula is the Owner & Event Operations Officer of Sweet Space Events in South Florida. 

Paula obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Western Governor's University. In the early years of her career, she focused on working with elderly and special need patients in home health care. After more than 20 years of direct patient care, Paula saw the need for a more flexible schedule and became a Utilization Review and Diagnosis Coding Specialist, which allowed her to be a full time remote employee. 

After co-founding Sweet Realities Cakery with her daughter, Paula realized how fulfilling owning her own business was and enjoyed the perks that came along with being a business owner. Having a God-given talent for Event Planning, Design and Execution, Paula launched SWEET SPACE EVENTS where her objective is to provide all clients with a personalized, intimate  and memorable occasion. Her unique eye for room design and color coordination allows her to WOW her clients every time.

"Spend your life doing the things that make you happy!"

Kevin Harrilal


Kevin is the current owner of Kevin Harrilal Beauty and ADAPT Business Solutions. His love for business and Event Planning is what led him to SWEET SPACE EVENTS. 

In January of 2021, Kevin joined the team at THE SWEET SPACE as an Event Coordination Specialist. Kevin's objective is to provide clients with a unique and organized event. He works along side Paula, the Event Operations Officer of SWEET SPACE EVENTS in almost every aspect of event planning, operations & execution, client correspondence & retention. 

Alexis Collins

Cake Decorator/Mixologist/Culinary Artist

Alexis, the owner of Sweet Realities, is the brains behind the amazing signature drinks and desserts offered at SWEET SPACE EVENTS!

Alexis earned her certification in Culinary Arts at a local technical college and went on to earn her degree in Culinary Management, along with a Certificate as a Business Specialist. Her goal is to make your event "A Sweet Reality!"